The 'Language of Charity' is the highest, noblest, strongest kind of love. Charity impels us to be sympathetic and compassionate.

Past Projects/Needs

Stake Needs & Available Needs List

Immediate Needs

2-4 Boxes Full of: Winter jackets, warm shirts, and winter shoes or boots in all sizes; both male and female. These items for persons being released from jail that do not have warm winter clothing in which to dress. Only a limited amount is needed. Please check the pockets for jackets and shirts before donating to assure they are empty. This is a great comfort for those released during these especially cold winter days. 

I will have boxes setting on my porch at 2613 Rd. 80 that can be filled up with items to take over to the Benton County office. Hoping to fill the boxes by Feb. 10th. 

Needed: Local Benton-Franklin Bus Tickets. These tickets are for persons being released from jail that do not have transportation. This is a great comfort for those released during cold winter days. Please contact me, Sister Barron, by email at for more information on how you can help with tickets.. Thank you!!
Things We've Done in Our Stake Since 1/27/13
 February, 2013 to ongoing:

175 personal/family needs have been fulfilled
March 23, 2013:
5500+ Easter eggs filled with candy for children in our Community Charities
75 beautiful tissue flowers made for the ARC's Spring Dance

May 2013:
350+ items gathered for Oklahoma tornado victims

August 2013:
300+ School supplies were gathered for local Organizations/Pasco Schools/Churches

September 2013:
2000 Clean Birth Kits assembled for areas around the globe
272 puzzles, books gathered for 2013 Christmas presents for the community
20 Christmas Stocking filled for NICU families, and extra donations provided
52 quilts made and given to Individuals/The Linus Project - ongoing

February 2014:
Lots of burp pads made by local stake sister :)
Boxes of white shirts and ties made it to the Vanuatu Mission
An investigator/new member clothing closet has been started

August 2014:
1600+hygiene kits gathered and assembled in 2 days for fire victims in upper WA state
800 cases of water gathered in 2 days for fire victims in upper WA state
Food, numerous baby supplies were also gathered for the fire victims in upper WA state

September 27th, 2014:
255 Complete Bunting sets for 'Teeny Outfitters' - Sets included bunting, 2 hats, and some bracelets
319 Buntings and sets that need to be sewn or need to be completed *update - completed
7 blankets made both tied and fleece completed
600+ baby hats completed
31 Sensory Caterpillars completed 
54 cat toys completed
167 dog toys completed for the local Humane Society
23 fleece scarves completed
200+ puzzles completed
200+ origami cards completed
500 pegs completed
50 bracelet sets completed
69 hospital bags completed
80 ribbon snakes completed
69 worry dolls completed
100+ worry dolls getting completed at activity days
20 handwritten cards
800 pds. of donated non-perishable food delivered to 2nd Harvest (let's double that next year :)
Clothes exchange was a success
Several quilts donated
300+ delicious sack dinners eaten and completed :)

November 21st, 2014:
Pasco Stake helped with Catholic Family & Child Service to gather hats, coats, and gloves for children in our community. We donated..
3 snowsuits
28 coats
29 pairs of gloves
45 hats
52 fleece scarves
4 blankets
61 crocheted/knitted hats
5 crocheted/knitted scarves

November 22nd, 2014:
7 turkey's donated and delivered to those in need

Dec. 4th, 2014:
100 pair of socks were filled with washcloths, soap, combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, free Bible cards, encouraging words and misc. items.. to be taken to the Union Gospel Mission for the homeless. 30 unfilled pair will also be taken as well as leftover misc. items.

April 18th, 2015:
27 stake members donated blood to the Red Cross
300 'Warrior Neck Coolers' were made for those serving in the military and 300 more were taken home by stake sisters to complete.
1 beautiful quilt was tied for Project Linus

May, 2015:
 400+2 huge boxes of rolled yarn, were donated and given to Project Warm-Up to help fill their empty shelves.
4 huge bags of donated shoes, clothes and toys were donated to help homeless children in our community.

September, 2015:
Plarn, plarn and plarn was made to keep Sisters, YW, and other churches that want to help in making homeless sleeping mats very busy! Thank you so much. We understanding and unify in how this opportunity is one that our Heavenly Father has provided to create an environment of needing and helping each other. It's really rare as I visited with the non-members. We sometimes take simple acts for granted as we have so many opportunities. Others are watching and know that what we have is precious :) They expressed so much appreciation and opened so many doors for us to go through to reach out in shining the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Be grateful for this blessing of your plarn..
9 - quilts donated (thank you!) I don't even know who you are.
5 - quilts made by some beautiful women that were tied and a sister is binding them. They made some other beautiful quilts during this year to be donated.
81 - bags decorated to house the 'Bundles of Hope'.
110 - stick dolls that turned out adorable for 'Bundles of Hope' bags.
97 - pairs of gloves donated and 21 pairs with cute hearts sewn on them for Project Warm-Up.
186 - Christ ornaments made for local nursing home residents. YW have asked for some as they visit.
98 - Maze Bags - with only 2 sew-ers!! I am so impressed and they go in the 'Bundles of Hope'.
160 - Dog and cat toys. They were working so hard on the stage cutting and braiding away. Out of town animal shelters will receive these toys.
109 - of the cutest 'I Love You' cards were made to put into the 'Bundles of Hope' bags.
73 - Christ is Born matchbox figures were made. These make me smile big time :)
32 - scarves were tied and wrapped with ribbon and a candy cane for "Bundles of Hope' bags.
2 - tied fleece blankets will go to Project Warm-Up.
91 - whirligigs made for 'Bundle of Hope' bags for Project Warm-Up
28 - helicopters made for 'Bundle of Hope' bags for Project Warm-Up
59 - donated boxes of feminine hygiene products. They will go into the CAC building as they are needed for many charities.
15 crocheted homeless mats for Project Warm-Up
68 dementia fidget bags for Nursing Home

December, 2015
153 Hygiene Kits  at Single Adults Christmas Dinner - Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, combs, razors, nail clippers, toothbrushes and toothpaste for World Relief and Project Warm-Up
Your hearts are big :)
Please email or call Jan at or 545-5442 if you can help.

(I will update the count as it comes in) The Lord's hand is in this work.. the generosity of those inspired to help is overwhelmingly beautiful and uplifting to those in need. Thank you!