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Needs for Washington Kennewick Mission
Brothers and Sisters,
Thank you for your past support of the Washington Kennewick Mission. Our numbers are increasing on each transfer (every 6 weeks) and we are adding new apartments.
You may drop small items off at the mission office at 8202 W. Quinalt Ave, Suite D, Kennewick (just behind Carmike) phone is 509-734-5443.
For large items, call/email us for location delivery or pickup.
Elder & Sister Cain, WKM Housing Missionaries
Thank you again for you dedication to serve!!
End Tables / Night Stands
Lamps for bedroom / living room / desk
Small kitchen tables (2/4 persons)
Chairs for kitchen, desk, living room
Kitchen items: silverware, toaster, blender, can-opener, pancake turner, potato peeler, (Teflon friendly) etc.
Household trash cans (kitchen / bathroom)
Brooms, dust pan and mop buckets (could be large laundry soap buckets)