The 'Language of Charity' is the highest, noblest, strongest kind of love. Charity impels us to be sympathetic and compassionate.


Benton County Has Some Needs

Benton County has some needs and we have been asked to help. I hope this service project speaks to your heart as I know The Lord will be pleased. I can see Him donating if He was in town. :) 

2-4 Boxes Full of: Winter jackets, warm shirts, and winter shoes or boots in all sizes; both male and female. These items for persons being released from jail that do not have warm winter clothing in which to dress. Only a limited amount is needed. Please check the pockets for jackets and shirts before donating to assure they are empty. This is a great comfort for those released during these especially cold winter days. 

I will have boxes setting on my porch at 2613 Rd. 80 that can be filled up with items to take over to the Benton County office. Hoping to fill the boxes by Feb. 10th. 

Needed: Local Benton-Franklin Bus Tickets. These tickets are for persons being released from jail that do not have transportation. This is a great comfort for those released during cold winter days. Please contact me, Sister Barron, by email at for more information on how you can help with tickets.. Thank you!!

Curves in Pasco

Curves in Pasco held a service event in their studio today! It was a blast working a long side of women of all faiths and cultures. They want to make homeless sleeping mats for the community. They collected plastic, plarned and learned some crocheting today. This is their first event and they are planning on doing this on a regular basis. They are wonderful. Joan Fleming is a great example to me of witnessing and sharing the gospel with others. She headed the motivation, and helped them plan the event! Thank You so much, Curves!! Till we meet again..

Deliveries Are Never Done.. Yay!

Today was a great day. I do a lot of driving and delivering of your humanitarian donations and my car is never clean. Which is a good thing really. Full car means full of love! I delivered a box of hygiene kits and more homeless sleeping mats to Project Warm-Up. When I arrived I was greeted with a wonderful hug and then was told they were just wondering if I had any more mats arriving as they were down to one.. They are still in need and nursing homes are requesting for the mats as well. I was tickled to be able to give them more that wonderful women in our stake have crocheted and donated. Some of the women I will never know the (who done it).

Hygiene kits that Single Adults assembled went to World Relief/Project Warm-Up

My car is a delivery car of love :) Thank you!!

Sister Barron


Missionary Needs

Needs for Washington Kennewick Mission
Brothers and Sisters,
Thank you for your past support of the Washington Kennewick Mission. Our numbers are increasing on each transfer (every 6 weeks) and we are adding new apartments.
You may drop small items off at the mission office at 8202 W. Quinalt Ave, Suite D, Kennewick (just behind Carmike) phone is 509-734-5443.
For large items, call/email us for location delivery or pickup.
Elder & Sister Cain, WKM Housing Missionaries
Thank you again for you dedication to serve!!
End Tables / Night Stands
Lamps for bedroom / living room / desk
Small kitchen tables (2/4 persons)
Chairs for kitchen, desk, living room
Kitchen items: silverware, toaster, blender, can-opener, pancake turner, potato peeler, (Teflon friendly) etc.
Household trash cans (kitchen / bathroom)
Brooms, dust pan and mop buckets (could be large laundry soap buckets)

Pasco Stake Single Adults Do Service

Thanks to the Pasco Stake Single Adults for assembling 153 hygiene kits for World Relief!

The Pasco Stake Single Adults gathered for their annual Christmas Dinner/Service evening. Before the dinner, they assembled the hygiene kits. It was a wonderful evening of great food, hilarious entertainment, and lots of laughter and bonding!
The beautiful decorations and great food were provided by the Pasco Stake RS Presidency.. Thank you!!
Sister Barron
Pasco Stake Humanitarian Specialist


Service Ideas

Here are some service ideas in our area for you to consider extending a hand. All ideas have links for information that is needed for their organization :) Thank you!!
Samaritan's Purse: Project Christmas Child Shoebox Fill a shoebox with toys for a boy/girl child in need for Christmas. This link also provides drop-off locations in our area.

World Relief of Tri-Cities: Mentors for the refugees in our area. Mentors connect with a new refugee family as soon as they arrive. It is a commitment of 2 hours a week for 12 weeks. Help with English with a book provided and other numerous needs. 

The Single Adults will be putting hygiene kits together in Dec. to give to each family member when they arrive.

LDS link about helping refugees: Church members encouraged to help refugees has 72 listed needs in our area!

Some Examples off JustServe: 

Thanksgiving For All

11/24/2015 - 11/24/201502:00 PM - 04:30 PM
Kennewick Spanish Seventh Day Adventist Church
301 S. Washington St.Kennewick, WA 99337 US

Items needed for My Friend's Place 

11/03/2015 - 05/31/201603:00 PM - 08:00 PM
02/01/2015 - 02/01/201605:00 PM - 09:00 PMFlexible times available
2108 W EntiatKennewick, WA 99336 US

S.H.A.K.E. Collecting School Supplies

10/15 to 10/26/2016

08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Look around and observe and serve. A gentleman lost his home to a fire and is in need.. there are those that have lost jobs that may need some extra help, there are some with illnesses on their minds that could use encouragement or gas cards, there are men and women serving our country on missions and in the military that can be written to and sent a special package during this Thanksgiving and Christmas time, so many places and people that have organized toy drives/food drives/coat drives/glove drives that you can donate to or sponsor a drive with your family, there are neighbors that have no family around that could use a lift up or an invite..reach out to them in love, some have winter blues that could use a card or a phone call for some cheer, nursing homes and the elderly could always use a game played or a song sung or a simple reminder that they are a Child of God. 

I pray that the spirit of service this time of year brings out the disciple in each of us. And a disciple is one that reaches out to all as our loving Savior exemplified to us all. 

Thank you so much for being the heart of this community. I truly love you!

Sister Barron


Our September 26th Event

First of all.. THANK YOU for coming and helping :) It was a beautiful day at our Stake Center. 8 to 108 yr. olds gathered in the name of charity and fulfilling the theme of, 'Oh, How We Need Each Other'. And we ate some mighty good food too!! Thanks, Stake RS and helpers!
The project of gathering the plastic bags was of itself a uniting miracle. Some bags were sent from Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Moses Lake, Vancouver, Kennewick, Richland, several businesses, other faiths, and a ton from our stake sisters :) and many more that we will never know (where from). It is my understanding that there are some churches that are participating in the plarning and crocheting of homeless mats due to this project. This has opened doors for us to extend support.
This is the picture that came to my mind as I pondered those without and how Christ loves! The man was passed by so many times, but the pure love of Christ didn't.
Many non-members decided to join in the process of service working along side our stake sisters willingly and lovingly! Some came early to help, some called 3 times to make sure they didn't miss the date, some shed tears as they shared and wished that this vision of so many ages working together for good could be more prevalent in our community. Ladies from Richland, Kennewick, and North Pasco came to take a peek and feel your wonderful spirit.. Holly from the charity, Project Warm-Up, came with many plastic bags and made her rounds to see what was going. Most of the finished projects will end up in her hands in making 'Bundles of Hope' and distributing the homeless sleeping mats. She is in the CAC building and reaches tens of thousands in our community. We have worked on donations with her before. Here was her Facebook post after the event. Take note how she feels about each of you!!
Project Warm-Up was giving sleeping bags to some needy homeless families, but the problem of wet ground and cardboard not lasting produced a need for these plastic mats. The plastic mats that will be crotched from the plarn that was strung at the event, will be that barrier of extra protection. We take these simple things for granted. We have 4 mats that were made lovingly by Sister Fleming to give them so far. As you crawl into your warm bed tonight, reflect on others not so fortunate.
Here are some projects that were finished that day:
Plarn, plarn and plarn was made to keep Sisters, YW, and other churches that want to help in making homeless sleeping mats very busy! Thank you so much. We understand and unify in how this opportunity was one that our Heavenly Father provided to create an environment of needing and helping each other. It's really rare as I visited with the non-members. They expressed so much appreciation and opened so many doors for us to go through to reach out in shining the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Be grateful for this blessing of your plarn..
9 - quilts donated (thank you!) I don't even know who you are.
5 - quilts made by some beautiful women that were tied and a sister is binding them. They made some other beautiful quilts during this year to be donated.
81 - bags decorated to house the 'Bundles of Hope'.
110 - stick dolls that turned out adorable for 'Bundles of Hope' bags.
97 - pairs of gloves donated and 21 pairs with cute hearts sewn on them for Project Warm-Up.
186 - Christ ornaments made for local nursing home residents. YW have asked for some as they visit.
98 - Maze Bags - with only 2 sew-ers!! I am so impressed and they go in the 'Bundles of Hope'.
160 - Dog and cat toys. They were working so hard on the stage cutting and braiding away. Out of town animal shelters will receive these toys.
109 - of the cutest 'I Love You' cards were made to put into the 'Bundles of Hope' bags.
73 - Christ is Born matchbox figures were made. These make me smile big time :)
32 - scarves were tied and wrapped with ribbon and a candy cane for "Bundles of Hope' bags.
2 - tied fleece blankets will go to Project Warm-Up.
91 - whirligigs made for 'Bundle of Hope' bags.
28 - helicopters made for 'Bundle of Hope' bags.
52 - donated boxes of feminine hygiene products. They will go into the CAC building as they are needed for many charities.
Christ is Born

Quilts donated anonymously.

Ruff and meow!

5 beautiful quilts made, tied, and finished by stake sisters :)

Girls serving :)

Girls lovingly drew on the 'Bundle of Hope' bags to hand out.

What a 'Bundle of Hope' bag will contain.

200+ came to help out!



Stick dolls



Christ is Born


Christ Ornaments

Maze bags

Feminine Hygiene donated

I ponder on the miracles with the song in my heart of, 'As Sisters In Zion'.. we all work together!

Love you all so much,
Sister Barron

A story from last year's worry dolls. We made similar 'Bundles of Hope' bags last year as well. Just a couple of weeks ago, a lady and her two children came to the CAC office for assistance. Each of her children had a worry doll that was made at our last event in 2014.. clutched in their hand that was in a stained state. The mother shared that they take them everywhere. A lady that works there had 3 worry dolls left. She gave them each a new one. Did they give the one that was strained back? No, they happily had one in each hand.. It is my testimony that to us some things may seem too simple or unnecessary as we are so blessed, but it is through my calling that I have learned how little things matter. It is the love and heart behind the give that heals and is felt. So many miracles that could be shared.. Please know you are making a big difference! #humanitarians


Projects For Our Sept. 26th, 2015 Service Event

Theme: Oh, How We Need Each Other!

It's that time of year again to start preparing for our annual stake's RS/YW/Primary Sept. Service/Women's Broadcast Event. I am going to show you some of the projects to get familiar with them before our event. I considered frugality in cost/shipping, leftover materials/supplies from last year's event, our community needs and love and all of you :)

Some Projects and some tutorials below: Click on project name for link!
(some things may change/modify by September.. I'll keep you posted)

At our Event in September, we will also be doing:

5 for 5 clothes exchange for school-aged kids 
Feminine hygiene drive for women shelters.
Quilts to be tied at event are being made by some awesome women from 2nd Ward.. Thank you!
White lunch bags will be decorated for 'Meals On Wheels' and Project Warm-Up

Here's a video and illustration for plastic bag prep for homeless mats: We will be cutting/linking the plastic bags AT the event.. not before the event :)
(these mats provide a barrier from the ground.. durable and can be washed)

Will be cutting/linking the bags at event..

Example of the homeless mat when plarn is crocheted eventually!

Here are some more projects at the event..

Fleece Scarves and Heart Gloves sewn & tied for 'Project Warm-Up'

 Dog/Cat toys for the 'Humane Society'

Last year's 'Kid Comfort Bags' were a huge hit! We'll continue to make them!
(goes to kids at hospitals, homeless, shelters, etc)

Our Spiritual Project is this adorable Match Box 'A Savior Is Born'

Maze Bags for 'Kids Comfort Bags' and 'Dementia Homes'
(details on maze bags for dementia include.. beads, fuzzy ribbon and ribbon tabs)

Paper Helicopters (From leftover papers)

Whirligigs (We have leftover string and buttons :)

Large Craft Stick Figures (We have leftover craft sticks)

Monster bag and Monster Card (We have leftover material and eyes)

Jesus Christmas Ornaments will go nursing homes..

Love to you all and I am super excited :) You may look at our > 2013 and 2014 successful September Events..

Sister Barron


Your Yarn Success Story is on JustServe.Org

You may read about our successful May Yarn Drive here on  >
Holly at Project Warm-Up says:


May Yarn Drive Update

The Sister Missionaries stopped by to help with me with our stake's 'May Yarn Drive' for Project Warm-Up. So it's the middle of May and already our wonderful women have donated over 200 spools + a big box of rolled yarn.  Thank you!
2 more weeks left of collecting yarn in May, and we are going to stock their shelves again..
A recent photo showing the low supply of yarn at Project Warm-Up's facility. !! Here is a quote from their Facebook page. > "Come September we need to help over 20,000 kids in Benton-Franklin counties that are on free or reduced lunch ... Not counting the 1,500 kids covered by the McKinney-Vento Act (homeless) .. We walk in Faith that God will touch many hearts!!"

We sorted, counted, rolled up yarn and talked about much :)

Love you all,
Sister Barron


The Reason for Humanitarian Service

The reason for Humanitarian Service is to love people.  Jesus Christ was the greatest exemplar of lifting up those who were downtrodden, bringing hope to the hopeless, loving the unlovable.
This is our work, to help people get back on their feet, so they can recognize who is really with them, so they might be raised above the dust of the earth and Come Unto Christ.



A stake request has come in for a family. Needs: pots/pans, kitchen utensils, and table/chair set. Please email me if you have any resources >

Still asking for donations of  > SUMMER type clothing, shoes, socks, underwear and small toys for homeless children in are area.

Our May Stake Yarn Drive is still going on for the "Project Warm-Up"Organization > view at 

Donated Adult T-Shirts and Sweatshirts are needed for our stake's girl camp service project that will make carrying bags that will go towards "My Friend's Place" homeless teens in crisis.
Lots going on,
Sister Barron - 545-5442 for any drop off information

Example of a bag that will be made out of t-shirts/sweatshirts for "My Friend's Place".. a teen homeless shelter.


Oh, How We NEED Each Other

The theme for our September Women's Broadcast/Service Event is:
"Oh, How We NEED Each Other"

Sister Hinckley said, "Oh, how we need each other. Those of us who are old need you who are young. And, hopefully, you who are young need some of us who are old. It is a sociological fact that women need women. We need deep and satisfying and loyal friendships with each other."

The new 'Women's Broadcast' that includes 8 & up, is completely inspired during these chaotic times. The young women need mentors and guidance.. and we need the youth's energy and strength. It gives the broad assurance of hope and unity in sisterhood. I picture a big lasso from heaven.. rounding us up together. Extreme, but my dad's a cowboy ;)

As I heard the sounds of laughter and chatter buzz from last year's event, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt the 'bigger picture' that The Lord had in mind of us coming together with the full understanding of.. "Oh, How We NEED Each Other".

Thanks so much,
Sister Jan Barron

Oh, How We Need Each Other - B. Oscarson - April 2014, LDS Women's Conf.


Stake Yarn Drive During May

This project is listed on >

An organization needs our help, so we are having a STAKE YARN DRIVE during the month of MAY.  You may drop yarn at my porch basket anytime during the month of May.  I am asking us to 'Knit together' in love.. (I pun)

STAKE YARN DRIVE during the month of MAY

The organization - Project Warm-Up needs our help. Their shelves and storage boxes are empty of supplies of yarn. They are a non profit, community action and an all volunteer organization.

Old yarn, new yarn or even yarn from the tombs of King Tut...

Holli Caler-cox came to our blood drive/service project last Saturday and I promised we could help her need. She is wonderful and her volunteer fever is very contagious. Their organization uses the yarn to make thousands of items for our community. Hats, scaves, throws, shawls, booties/slippers to name a few.

Some organizations that receive the items: Veterans Organizations, 76 School in Benton/Franklin counties, Booties, 5 agencies through the Health Dept., Head Start, Students in Transition, Union Gospel, Homeless, Grace's Place, Martha's Cupboard, Sarah's Table, etc..

They serve with a purpose driven heart and by the scripture in James 4:17 "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin." 
I hope and pray that we can lighten their burden of not having enough supplies. They have been praying for an answer to their supply shortage, and she feels so good that we may provide an answer. Thanks, Sister Rowell for bringing her to our activity and introducing her to us :)

Sister Barron

Holli and Linda Rowell - April 18th at the Stake Center


Pasco Stake Blood Drive/Service Project Update

The Red Cross came on April 18th, to the Pasco Stake Center for a blood drive. 27 were able to give blood which is very much needed. We will also be having a blood drive this Fall sometime. We learned that we will be sure and beef up on iron :) At least 10 were denied mostly due to anemic.
As the blood drive was going, 50 women/young women gathered at the stake center on April 18th, toting sewing machines and irons/boards to help out a stake sister in her efforts to make 'Warrior Neck Coolers' for our deployed women and men serving in the military. The atmosphere was fun and energetic which made for a very pleasant Saturday.

LaNaya committed to making 900 neck coolers by the end of May,  with all supplies donated by OTY. 2nd ward had made 300 and on Saturday, the volunteers were able to complete 300 more on the 18th, and a lot of sisters took close to 270 home to complete. LaNaya is so very appreciative to all that came to support her and the humanitarian organization. Cards were filled out as well for the military. A beautiful quilt that Pat Green had made was tied as well in the gym.
Thank you all so very much for coming out on a beautiful, sunny, Saturday morning. That was a sacrifice :)
Love you all,
Sister Barron