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Our September 27th Event Was Successful

Dear Stake Sisters, YW, and Primary Girls 8+,

We will soon be doing a project for the Union Gospel Mission for this December's Christmas season. A huge donation of 100 pairs of socks was given to humanitarian, and in November we will have a donation drive to fill those socks with certain items. Socks are the number one requested and needed item from the Gospel Mission for the homeless.
Tonight I wanted to report the service project numbers to all of you and once again say thank you so much for making wonderful things happen on the 27th of September.

In 2 hours time you all did:

574 buntings traced and cut ready to sew
255 Complete Bunting sets - Sets included bunting, 2 hats, and some bracelets completed 
319 Buntings and sets that need to be sewn or need to be completed
7 blankets made both tied and fleece completed
600+ baby hats completed
31 Sensory Caterpillars completed 
54 cat toys completed
167 dog toys completed
23 fleece scarves completed
200+ puzzles completed
200+ origami cards completed
500 pegs completed
50 bracelet sets completed
69 hospital bags completed
80 ribbon snakes completed
69 worry dolls completed
100+ worry dolls getting completed at activity days
20 handwritten cards
800 pds. of donated non-perishable food delivered to 2nd Harvest (let's double that poundage next year :)
Clothes exchange was a success
Several quilts donated
300+ delicious sack dinners eaten and completed :)
A huge amount of cards were donated and cut for St. Jude
I know I forgot more.. please forgive me or remind me
Doing good works and humanitarian work.. never completed!

I have been in direct contact today with the Founder and Director of Angel Outfitters who shares the buntings with hospitals worldwide. She is thrilled with your work and asked if we could be on her short list of those to contact first :) I love her. Christine lost a baby and is making a huge contribution towards comforting those who go through this heartache all around the world.

A parcel is off to Indiana and Nebraska already :) I put the amount of buntings that hospital requests, and then stick in kids hospital bags you assembled and made, blankets and burp pads that have been donated to the stake. They are beautiful and I know that they will be so appreciated.

I read some of the puzzle notes and origami notes and looked at the worry dolls and pegs.. and was overcome with your sweet written notes of encouragement. If you made me cry, I can only imagine the love and good cheer they will feel from you. The cat and dog toys turned out better than imagined. And the ribbon snakes were so colorful and cut beautifully..

The quilts and scarves were amazing..

The buntings are beautiful..the hats are so sweet..the bracelets are just precious.
Last year we ran out of gloves for our birthing kits, but you were so quick to help accomplish the finish. The funniest quirk this year was when the lady making shapes out of the purple felt for the ribbon snakes..said she had a hard time seeing the trace marks with purple disappearing ink pen. Duh, Jan lol (live and learn forever)
I appreciate how you all just got in there and went to work. I never got a chance to explain anything, but you did it. Thanks for pitching in and bringing things to make it happen as well.

Thanks to Margaret Behrmann for directing traffic ;) I loved how you just knew that needed to be done!

I love the Stake RS Presidency. They really try hard to bring the Spirit into everything they do. They love all of you so very much, and appreciate all the help too.

Keep sharing goodness okay!

Sister Barron