The 'Language of Charity' is the highest, noblest, strongest kind of love. Charity impels us to be sympathetic and compassionate.


Sept. 27th Event for Pasco Stake

Dear Stake Sisters/Girls,
This is regarding our Women's Broadcast and Humanitarian Service Event coming up for girls/women 8 yrs. old and up. You can refer all this information/picture to others by sending them to.. 
There will be a need for some good cutting scissors. If you have a pair that you want to use (may not need them).. stick them in your purse just in case. It would be helpful :)

To those that have offered to sew and bring sewing machines. Please plan on trying to be there at 1:30pm to have the machines ready to go for the sewing projects. White thread will be preferred in the machines.

Date: September 27th 
Place: Pasco Stake Center
Times: Service Projects - 2pm to 4pm, lite dinner - 4pm, Broadcast - 5pm (Best to be on time for the service projects)
Dress: Church Dress
Ages: Women 8 yrs. old and up

Food Drive Reminder: Bring a bag of non-perishable for our 2nd Harvest Food Bank Drive to fill the School Bus. No money donations can be accepted.

September is "Fighting Hunger" month! 2nd Harvest has put Pasco LDS down in helping fight hunger on September 27th. I hope that we can show them super support. Invite your friends/neighbors to participate and bring some non-perishable food as well from 2pm-4pm at the Stake Center.

School aged 5 for 5 clothes exchange: Your school aged daughter can bring 5 items of clothing in a bag to the event for a clothes exchange. She may then exchange up to 5 pieces of clothing in her bag to take home. I will tell you when the exchange time will occur at the event. Please do not bring over 5 clothes items.. 

Collecting Old Christmas Cards for St. Jude's Hospital. They need just the front of card, but we can cut them at the event!! They do a very successful fundraiser using these types of cards.

Our Service Projects will include:

= Burial buntings, hats and bracelets for miscarriage babies in support of bereavement for families. If time permits, I'll have little diapers that can also be made. If you want to help cut any fabric, please bring good scissors for your personal use.

*Bunting tutorial - go here
*Baby hat tutorial - go here
*Tutorial for tying elastic cord for bracelets - go here

Jumbo craft stick puzzles with a picture of Christ for children in the hospital in hopes of providing comfort and cheer. They can write messages on them as well.

*Jumbo Stick Puzzles - go here

=Worry Dolls will be made for children in hospitals. 

=Ribbon Snakes will be made for children in hospitals.

 =Easy Origami Paper Cards will be made for children in hospitals..

=Cards written for military, patients, and nursing homes

=Dog and cat toys made out of old t-shirts for humane societies. If you plan on helping in cutting up t-shirts, please bring your personal scissors to use.

 =50 fleece caterpillars filled with lentils and tied to provide sensory comfort for Buddy Club kids.

4 to 5 Quilts to be tied for Project Linus

Flannel quilts and scarves will be tied. Quilts for Project Linus and Scarves for Domestic Violence Center.

= Peg.It.Forward was born out of the idea of taking a simple clothespin and writing a positive message on it, and then simply attach it someone without their knowledge. That person then reads the positive message and then attaches to someone else and it goes forward. I have 100's that can be made out and the girls and women can take some in a bag and peg it forward at school or home or wherever :)

The projects were picked out with purpose in mind, simplicity, frugality, and hopefully a positive gathering experience of sisters spreading goodness. Other service projects will have help at the table to assist completion.

Thanks for all you do
Sister Jan Barron