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Update On All Your Humanitarian Efforts

Things You've Done in Pasco Stake Since 1/27/13
147 personal/family needs have been fulfilled 2/13 to now
5500+ Easter eggs filled with candy for children in our community 3/13
350+ items gathered for Oklahoma tornado victims 5/13
300+ School supplies were gathered for local Orgs/Pasco Schools 8/13
2000 Clean Birth Kits assembled for areas around the globe 10/13
272 puzzles, books, and Christmas presents for the community 12/13
20 Christmas Stocking filled for NICU families 12/13
52 quilts made and given to Individuals/The Linus Project 1/14
Lots of burp pads made by local stake sister :) 2/14
Boxes of white shirts and ties made it to the Vanuatu Mission 2/14
An investigator/new member clothing closet has been started
1600+hygiene kits made/assembled in 2 days for WA fire victims 8/14
800 cases of water gathered in 2 days for WA fire victims  8/14
Food and baby supplies gathered for the WA fire victims 8/14
Our 'Stake Women' step up to the call.. So, so grateful!
 Many random acts of kindness/donations and so many miracles witnessed!
Thank you!!

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