The 'Language of Charity' is the highest, noblest, strongest kind of love. Charity impels us to be sympathetic and compassionate.


Sept 27th RS/Humanitarian Event

Hi Stake Sisters,
I wanted to share some excerpts from a handwritten note I received from 2nd Harvest Food.

Note Excerpts: Thank you for the recruited volunteers for the 'Stamp Out Hunger' food drive, the Bite Committee, and for the weekly food sorters volunteers. I deeply appreciate their thoughtfulness and sincerity. I have never met someone that when asked to help.. finds exactly the right people for the job. All of the volunteers we've had through your stake, have a huge heart for helping and great enthusiasm to get involved. You are treasures and greatly appreciated. ~ V Lawson

My heart is so full of gratitude to those that have extended your willingness to serve at 2nd Harvest. They know who you are, they watch who you are, and they love who you are! This is Being and Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And He is ever mindful and will bless our community because of your love and service. Please share this message with anyone that you know has been a part of this that may not be receiving this message :) Thanks again.. and carry on.

Sept. 27th RS/Humanitarian Event for ages 8 - 118
Service Projects will be at 2pm-4pm at the Stake Center
Community Food Drive for 2nd Harvest During Our Sept 27th Stake Event: We will be hosting a community food drive which will hopefully include many from all over the Tri-Cities to come to the Stake Center and help fill a school bus full of food. Invite your friends to participate and spread the word.

Stake Sisters can bring a bag of non-perishables and then some Sisters/YW/Sister Missionaries would hopefully be in charge of the collected food donations and managing the bus.

Also, St. Jude uses old Christmas Cards for their annual fundraisers nationwide. There will be a box for old Christmas cards as you come into the event as well.

1) My prayers took me to an organization called > 'Teeny Tears' and also > 'Angel Outfitters'.  They work together in making burial sets for bereaving parents who have lost a child stillborn or early in the womb. They also make little items for NICU patients as well. There are hats, blankets, buntings, diapers (time permitting), and bracelets.  They are easy to make, needed, and I think the sentiment is golden. This is a very difficult and delicate service matter as I cried several times looking into this. It's all about extending love and support to those who grieve. There could be something for all age groups for doing this project, but there will be other projects going as well.  The organization give us cards to send in our packets to the hospitals with their logo and our name on them.

I have access to the patterns for different sizes for diapers and also about 25 yds of flannel that could be used already.
2) Jumbo craft stick puzzles and button snakes for kids that are hospitalized. Younger aged girls could be involved in this.
3) Dog and cat toys. The Humane Society takes little handmade toys for the animals. They can be made out of old t-shirts.
4) Sensory toys for buddy club kids. They have these really cute caterpillars that are easy to make and would be fun for girls to assemble. 

5) Late Arrivals: I would like to have some Book of Mormons available to have testimonies written in them for some of the late arrivals. That way there would always be something to do that didn't need to much instructions. Also we could have them write to our military, serving stake missionaries, hospital patients, etc.
Late Girls: We could have clothes pins and they could make messages. You write a message on a clothes pin and then attach them to random people to spread messages of kindness.

Girls could also do the ribbon snakes in this area as well. And ladies could sew on the buttons as they cut the felt into shapes.

6) 5 quilts are ready to be tied for that event. They will go to Linus Project.

This will not be a super rushed event as we don't have an amount that needs to get done. Our 2000 kits required quick action to get them done, but this will not be needed. Quality not quantity will be the focus and a reverence. I will need adult supervision helpers (hopefully YW/Primary leaders) around the kids.

Yes..  I am overwhelmed with thinking that there will be plenty to do and that it will be a successful and fun event. This is a challenge here, but I know without a doubt that The Lord will be on our side as we prepare :) This Stake holds some amazingly big hearts and it is easy to serve and love you all and I know that I can count on you..
Can't wait and thanks a bunch,
Sister Barron