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Projects For Our Sept. 26th, 2015 Service Event

Theme: Oh, How We Need Each Other!

It's that time of year again to start preparing for our annual stake's RS/YW/Primary Sept. Service/Women's Broadcast Event. I am going to show you some of the projects to get familiar with them before our event. I considered frugality in cost/shipping, leftover materials/supplies from last year's event, our community needs and love and all of you :)

Some Projects and some tutorials below: Click on project name for link!
(some things may change/modify by September.. I'll keep you posted)

At our Event in September, we will also be doing:

5 for 5 clothes exchange for school-aged kids 
Feminine hygiene drive for women shelters.
Quilts to be tied at event are being made by some awesome women from 2nd Ward.. Thank you!
White lunch bags will be decorated for 'Meals On Wheels' and Project Warm-Up

Here's a video and illustration for plastic bag prep for homeless mats: We will be cutting/linking the plastic bags AT the event.. not before the event :)
(these mats provide a barrier from the ground.. durable and can be washed)

Will be cutting/linking the bags at event..

Example of the homeless mat when plarn is crocheted eventually!

Here are some more projects at the event..

Fleece Scarves and Heart Gloves sewn & tied for 'Project Warm-Up'

 Dog/Cat toys for the 'Humane Society'

Last year's 'Kid Comfort Bags' were a huge hit! We'll continue to make them!
(goes to kids at hospitals, homeless, shelters, etc)

Our Spiritual Project is this adorable Match Box 'A Savior Is Born'

Maze Bags for 'Kids Comfort Bags' and 'Dementia Homes'
(details on maze bags for dementia include.. beads, fuzzy ribbon and ribbon tabs)

Paper Helicopters (From leftover papers)

Whirligigs (We have leftover string and buttons :)

Large Craft Stick Figures (We have leftover craft sticks)

Monster bag and Monster Card (We have leftover material and eyes)

Jesus Christmas Ornaments will go nursing homes..

Love to you all and I am super excited :) You may look at our > 2013 and 2014 successful September Events..

Sister Barron

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