The 'Language of Charity' is the highest, noblest, strongest kind of love. Charity impels us to be sympathetic and compassionate.


Our September 26th Event

First of all.. THANK YOU for coming and helping :) It was a beautiful day at our Stake Center. 8 to 108 yr. olds gathered in the name of charity and fulfilling the theme of, 'Oh, How We Need Each Other'. And we ate some mighty good food too!! Thanks, Stake RS and helpers!
The project of gathering the plastic bags was of itself a uniting miracle. Some bags were sent from Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Moses Lake, Vancouver, Kennewick, Richland, several businesses, other faiths, and a ton from our stake sisters :) and many more that we will never know (where from). It is my understanding that there are some churches that are participating in the plarning and crocheting of homeless mats due to this project. This has opened doors for us to extend support.
This is the picture that came to my mind as I pondered those without and how Christ loves! The man was passed by so many times, but the pure love of Christ didn't.
Many non-members decided to join in the process of service working along side our stake sisters willingly and lovingly! Some came early to help, some called 3 times to make sure they didn't miss the date, some shed tears as they shared and wished that this vision of so many ages working together for good could be more prevalent in our community. Ladies from Richland, Kennewick, and North Pasco came to take a peek and feel your wonderful spirit.. Holly from the charity, Project Warm-Up, came with many plastic bags and made her rounds to see what was going. Most of the finished projects will end up in her hands in making 'Bundles of Hope' and distributing the homeless sleeping mats. She is in the CAC building and reaches tens of thousands in our community. We have worked on donations with her before. Here was her Facebook post after the event. Take note how she feels about each of you!!
Project Warm-Up was giving sleeping bags to some needy homeless families, but the problem of wet ground and cardboard not lasting produced a need for these plastic mats. The plastic mats that will be crotched from the plarn that was strung at the event, will be that barrier of extra protection. We take these simple things for granted. We have 4 mats that were made lovingly by Sister Fleming to give them so far. As you crawl into your warm bed tonight, reflect on others not so fortunate.
Here are some projects that were finished that day:
Plarn, plarn and plarn was made to keep Sisters, YW, and other churches that want to help in making homeless sleeping mats very busy! Thank you so much. We understand and unify in how this opportunity was one that our Heavenly Father provided to create an environment of needing and helping each other. It's really rare as I visited with the non-members. They expressed so much appreciation and opened so many doors for us to go through to reach out in shining the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Be grateful for this blessing of your plarn..
9 - quilts donated (thank you!) I don't even know who you are.
5 - quilts made by some beautiful women that were tied and a sister is binding them. They made some other beautiful quilts during this year to be donated.
81 - bags decorated to house the 'Bundles of Hope'.
110 - stick dolls that turned out adorable for 'Bundles of Hope' bags.
97 - pairs of gloves donated and 21 pairs with cute hearts sewn on them for Project Warm-Up.
186 - Christ ornaments made for local nursing home residents. YW have asked for some as they visit.
98 - Maze Bags - with only 2 sew-ers!! I am so impressed and they go in the 'Bundles of Hope'.
160 - Dog and cat toys. They were working so hard on the stage cutting and braiding away. Out of town animal shelters will receive these toys.
109 - of the cutest 'I Love You' cards were made to put into the 'Bundles of Hope' bags.
73 - Christ is Born matchbox figures were made. These make me smile big time :)
32 - scarves were tied and wrapped with ribbon and a candy cane for "Bundles of Hope' bags.
2 - tied fleece blankets will go to Project Warm-Up.
91 - whirligigs made for 'Bundle of Hope' bags.
28 - helicopters made for 'Bundle of Hope' bags.
52 - donated boxes of feminine hygiene products. They will go into the CAC building as they are needed for many charities.
Christ is Born

Quilts donated anonymously.

Ruff and meow!

5 beautiful quilts made, tied, and finished by stake sisters :)

Girls serving :)

Girls lovingly drew on the 'Bundle of Hope' bags to hand out.

What a 'Bundle of Hope' bag will contain.

200+ came to help out!



Stick dolls



Christ is Born


Christ Ornaments

Maze bags

Feminine Hygiene donated

I ponder on the miracles with the song in my heart of, 'As Sisters In Zion'.. we all work together!

Love you all so much,
Sister Barron

A story from last year's worry dolls. We made similar 'Bundles of Hope' bags last year as well. Just a couple of weeks ago, a lady and her two children came to the CAC office for assistance. Each of her children had a worry doll that was made at our last event in 2014.. clutched in their hand that was in a stained state. The mother shared that they take them everywhere. A lady that works there had 3 worry dolls left. She gave them each a new one. Did they give the one that was strained back? No, they happily had one in each hand.. It is my testimony that to us some things may seem too simple or unnecessary as we are so blessed, but it is through my calling that I have learned how little things matter. It is the love and heart behind the give that heals and is felt. So many miracles that could be shared.. Please know you are making a big difference! #humanitarians