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Stake Yarn Drive During May

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An organization needs our help, so we are having a STAKE YARN DRIVE during the month of MAY.  You may drop yarn at my porch basket anytime during the month of May.  I am asking us to 'Knit together' in love.. (I pun)

STAKE YARN DRIVE during the month of MAY

The organization - Project Warm-Up needs our help. Their shelves and storage boxes are empty of supplies of yarn. They are a non profit, community action and an all volunteer organization.

Old yarn, new yarn or even yarn from the tombs of King Tut...

Holli Caler-cox came to our blood drive/service project last Saturday and I promised we could help her need. She is wonderful and her volunteer fever is very contagious. Their organization uses the yarn to make thousands of items for our community. Hats, scaves, throws, shawls, booties/slippers to name a few.

Some organizations that receive the items: Veterans Organizations, 76 School in Benton/Franklin counties, Booties, 5 agencies through the Health Dept., Head Start, Students in Transition, Union Gospel, Homeless, Grace's Place, Martha's Cupboard, Sarah's Table, etc..

They serve with a purpose driven heart and by the scripture in James 4:17 "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin." 
I hope and pray that we can lighten their burden of not having enough supplies. They have been praying for an answer to their supply shortage, and she feels so good that we may provide an answer. Thanks, Sister Rowell for bringing her to our activity and introducing her to us :)

Sister Barron

Holli and Linda Rowell - April 18th at the Stake Center