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Plastic Easter Egg/Candy Drive to Help Kids

I am SO EGGcited..
As our Stake Humanitarian Event/RS Birthday Dinner is nearing on March 21st, several local charities have asked us to help out with many Easter Egg Hunts that will be taking place all over our community. These hunts will be for children with special needs as well as those that come from foster homes, shelters, and struggling families.
The need that they have asked us to help out with is > helping them reach their goal of 5000 plastic Easter eggs filled with hard wrapped candy. It may seem like a mountain, but when you think that eggs come in packages of 32/50, it really isn't unattainable. We will be working along side other sponsors in attaining this goal.
Starting February 3rd in the 108 building, Snake River building, and the Pasco Stake Center, each ward every Sunday up until the Sunday before March 21st, will have a container availabe to be used to gather donated plastic eggs and hard candy for these kids. Then on March 21st at our Stake Humanitarian Dinner and Event, we will take all those eggs and candy that have been donated and  fill the eggs with candy, and send them out to be used the following week all over the community.  
We also have been asked to make several tissue flowers for a local charity, so that activity will be going on as well March 21st, and quilts will also be set up for Project Linus.
There are many places that carry low priced plastic eggs and hard wrapped candy. THANK YOU so much as we venture out to help those around us.
Email me: Jan Barron at for questions.