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Collecting School Supplies For The Community

It's me again.. Big Bear sitting on the Barron's porch.

A Church in Richland has reached out and asked if we could help them in fulfilling some needs.

I told them that we could and would.

Through a program they have had over the years, they are in direct contact with many families and organizations that are in need of school supplies for the upcoming year that covers the whole Tri-Cities area. I know we can help out because we all love kids and education. I hope and pray that you feel the sweet Spirit of this gathering.

I will once again have my 3 white baskets sitting out front on my porch by Big Bear at the Barron resident for the gathering of school supplies from June 25, through August 1st..  as they need the supplies by then.

Supplies Needed: Paper,  Black/Red Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Crayons, Rulers, Glue sticks, and Gently Used/New Back-Packs < (this is a Pasco School District request)

It would be wonderful if I could get a couple of volunteers for a drop-off location in the Snake River Ward area, and also the Pasco Stake Center area. 3 drop-off locations would make is so much easier for our Sisters :)

Please give me a quick email at if you would like to help or for any questions.

Thank you so much...