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Update: 'One By One'... A Chance to Potentially Save 2000 Mothers'/Babies'

When I read this article in the Deseret News titled > 'Women helping women: How $2 can save mothers' and babies' lives in the developing world', it spoke to my heart deeply. I hope you take some time to read it as well. As you can see from this graphic, more than 1 million deaths per year may be related to unclean birth. I have since read many articles and scanned through many pictures so I could better understand why these kits are needed. My conclusion is: WE ARE SO BLESSED and we need to bless others 'One By One'.
A simple clean birth kit, has the potential to save a mother and a baby!
Here is a sample of a clean birth kit.
Our theme for our Sept. 28th RS Broadcast Dinner/Humanitarian Event is titled 'One By One'.  At 2pm on Sept. 28th, we will be opening the doors to our Pasco Stake Center to let our Stake Sisters gather 'One By One' to help assemble 2000 clean birth kits. (I can hardly type this without tears flowing) There will also be some quilting tables.
UPDATE: The goal in my mind was originally 200 clean birth kits, but the discussion ended with.. 'why not 1000 kits'! SO NOW IT IS 2000 KITS.. Pretty much makes my heart sing, but we will need hands :)
TASKS HAVE INCREASED: Cutting 6000 ft. of plastic sheeting into 3x3 squares for the mothers'/babies' to have a clean surface for giving birth, folding the plastic squares, cutting 5000 ft. of string into 10 inch lengths, sorting 10,000 pieces of gauze into 5 pieces, and assembling them with the remaining items necessary in 2000 sandwich-sized ziplock bags. 
I hope and pray that the Spirit of this need is felt and that it moves our hearts into a couple of hours of action for these mothers' and babies' in desperate need of such a simple kit.
Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given to our community 'One By One'. I have witnessed many miracles from your hands and hearts.
Sister Barron