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One great example and opportunity:

Emergency Volunteers/Workers

Sponsor: Franklin County Emergency Management


Individuals would be registered as Emergency Workers for Franklin County. They will be given training and will participate in disaster drills, exercises and real events.

Group volunteering allowed
Suitable for all ages

Point of Contact
Jacque Cook

Sponsor Info
Franklin County Emergency Management's mission is to minimize the impact of disasters on the community, property, economy and environment of Franklin County. By doing these things, we enhance the overall safety & preparedness of Franklin County Residents
Participant Notes
This is a Federally evaluated exercise by FEMA. It will conducted on 2 Saturdays 07/11 & 08/08 (7:30am-2:00pm) on both days. Lunch will be provided. We would like to incorporate you into our pool of volunteers. The exercise will simulate evacuation of Franklin County residents to the Columbia Basin College evacuation center to be check for radiation exposure. We need worker-volunteers and "players" to act as evacuees.
Thank you,
Sister  Barron