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Blood Drive/Project Making Neck Coolers

It's beginning to look like Spring, and it's a good time for a service project that we have been asked to participate in as a stake. 

During our Pasco Stake Blood Drive on Saturday, April 18, at the Stake Center from 9am-2pm, we will doing a service project going as well. 

LaNaya along with Target (who are supplying all the material), are needing our help towards service to Support our Troops by making "Warrior Neck Coolers" for them. We have been asked to help make 600 of them. All the materials needed will be there. Come and serve for an hour or whatever time you can do.

Process: Tearing material, sewing, ironing, filling, sewing

I will need at least 7 sewing machines threaded with white thread, and 7 STEAM irons and ironing boards. The ironing  part is the most tedious and takes the longest.  

I would appreciate an email to me at to see if you would like to supply a sewing maching, iron and boards at the Stake Center for the service project. Please mark your name on items.

If you have an actively serving family member at this time, please give me their name and address of where they are serving so they can receive one as well.

I appreciate all you do for so many,

Sister Barron - Pasco Stake Humanitarian Specialist