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Project Linus: Make A Blanket Day - March 23

Make a Blanket Day for Project Linus - March 23, 2013

This year's Make a Blanket Day will be held on Saturday, March 23 at the Richland Library, 955 Northgate Dr. As usual, we will be brown bagging it for lunch. 

New challenge quilt and afghan kits will be available at the MABD workshop. Several new patterns have been chosen. Completed quilts and afghans that are turned in by the October workshop enables the maker to have her name put in a special drawing. Challenge quilts and afghans can be turned in at any time, at any of our drop off locations, or at a workshop. Please have your name and phone number pinned to the quilt or afghan before turning it in. Fabric is included in each kit but may be exchanged with another preferred fabric that you have in your stash and/or if there is a piece missing, feel free to make substitutions. You may use the pattern for any quilt that you would like to make with your own kid friendly fabric as well. (Please return bags and patterns when finished which can be reused). 

 *If you have a kit and don't have time to complete it, please return it*

Project Linus has been a part of the Pasco Stake Humanitarian efforts for years. Our previous Stake Humanitarian, Sister Lynnette Pierce, was a huge supporter and helped volunteers make numerous quilts that went out to help many in need of comfort.

Here is a list of  recipients that receive donated quilts > Here.. We really appreciate all those who give of their time to quilt and hope to keep the efforts going for many years to come.