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Pasco Stake Goals for 2015

Letter read in sacrament to all the Pasco Stake members..

Dear Members of the Pasco Stake:

The Pasco Stake Presidency has felt impressed that for 2015 members of the Stake focus more on the importance of Temple and Family History work. The blessings from Temple and Family History Work come in all areas of the Work of Salvation.
The Stake Presidency would like to 'invite' all members of the Pasco Stake to join us in the effort including the following:
1) Every member of the Pasco Stake get a Family and History login account. (Parents choose what age their youth obtain this account but we recommend 12 and older).
2) Every member of the Pasco Stake with an account complete at least one indexing packet of names in 2015.
3) Every member of the Pasco Stake research at least one family name that they could take to the temple and complete the associated ordinance work.
4) During the Fall of 2015, every member of the Pasco Stake attend the temple during a special Pasco Stake temple week. This will include baptisms for the dead, initiatory, endowments and/or sealing sessions. We would like every member to do at least one family name during this week.
We invite you to join us in enjoying the blessings that come from this important work. We testify that the Temple and doing our Family History work will bring great blessings to your earthly family as well as your ancestors.
Pasco Stake Presidency
President Robert K. Andelin
President Roger G. Wright
President Brett T. Lott

Indexing Historical Records Login Link > HERE